Not My Usual Post: Vaccine Questions, Covid-19/Corona Virus, Pandemic, Flu Shots, YouTube and Doctors

Maybe your like me, tired of having people saying you are a conspiracy theorist or something else just because I think and ask questions. Generally I do not post things such as this, as a matter of fact, I rarely even talk about these things, and especially on this website.

Having worked in healthcare for the last 25 plus years, and having myself asked basic questions such as, “Why is there never any statistics shown regarding the basic scientific method (meaning why is there no evidence ever presented showing a certain vaccination tested against a placebo group)? When a vaccination is loosely tested, why are not the resulting affects of those limited tests made just as public as the commercials for new medications on television? Why is it that everyone in healthcare who goes out sick every year with the ‘flu’ are almost always the same ones who took the flu shot? And why are those results NEVER given to us? Why are not the statistics shown, and made easily accessed by the public, regarding the people who receive a certain vaccination who had reactions and/or breakouts of the disease itself? Explain why neurotoxins are needed in vaccinations? Why are my children who have had the most vaccinations the sickest?” And the list goes on. By the way, whenever I ask ‘super’ proponents (as I call them), meaning the doctors and nurses who push hard vaccinations, for answers to these questions, I am either given vague quotes to some study that still does not answer my questions or treated as a criminal, screamed at and threatened by being refused medical care even though I ask patiently, calm and gentle. Most often though, I simply get blank stares, you know, as if I was wearing a spaces suit in the Arizona desert in the high heat of mid-summer.

Because of everything that has been going on in recent days and in order to help some to stop taking harmful neurotoxins into their bodies, I have decided to post a few videos and links here to help those who are asking the very same things as myself. Some of these videos have been removed by the social media cronies many times over. I will let you do the research and decide for yourself.

Perspectives on the Pandemic – Watch all of the episodes at:

Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Episode 1

Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University | Episode 1

Former “vaccine bully” – Dr. Robert Zajac – 2018

Former “vaccine bully” – Dr. Robert Zajac


Plandemic Movie

Medical Doctors and PHD Scientists Speak Out Against Vaccinations

When Fear Grips The Heart