When Fear Grips The Heart: Introduction

There is no doubt fear is grasping millions upon millions around the world today. And regardless of what has triggered this fear, whether it stems from mass hysteria and media frenzies, or localized personal traumas and multitudes of anxieties, one thing is for certain, fear is gripping people where they live and millions do not know how to rid this beast. This powerful vice has people both inside and outside of the professing church spiritually paralyzed and often running wild.

A Serious Note

A serious note. Christian, just how much of the world do you need to read about? How much is going to be enough? How many opinions of men do you need to read, need to like, need to respond to, before it's enough? The so-called knowledge of the world is no knowledge at all. Do …

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Be Watchful – Act Like Men

There is a great tide of evil rising up against Gods people. You know it, you sense it in your spirit, no one needs to tell you. And yet you also know that God has a people that He has established and strengthened in the fires of affliction. He has separated a people from the system of the world and called them to Himself.