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Roughly four months ago I started online Seminary through the London Reformed Baptist Seminary from the Metropolitan Tabernacle (C.H. Spurgeon’s home church). Since starting, I have had several people ask me what my reading list has been so far, so, I have decided to give you the list below and also include a brief account of the latest book I just finished today titled, “Christ or Therapy?”, by Dr. ES Williams.

Thoughts for Young Men

With so many men's books on the market, of which I have also contributed (As Christ: A Man and Marriage), this one seems to stand out to me as one of the most powerful. If there was one men's book I wish I had been given many years ago, it would be this very book, …

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Buy a Book – Support a Missionaries

Sometimes I feel as if there is so very little I can do to help in global missions. I have always remembered this about missions and being a Christian: "You either go down in the well, or support those who go down; either way, there ought to be scars on your hands." In God's good …

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Five Minutes: Distraction and Apathy in The Christian Life

Have you felt distracted in your faith? Has God not been preeminent in your life? Have you allowed apathy to creep in? If so, the message below may just be what you need to hear to turn this all around. Including this message, I have included a link to free downloads to my last six …

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Christian eBooks for FREE by author Jeremy B. Strang

I am giving away several of my most recent writings via eBook. Simply sign up to follow my page and I will send you a link to my FREE downloads. I am giving away: Grace Upon Grace Realities of a True Christian Reveling or Resisting Stay In The Boat As Christ: A Man and Marriage …

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Pastor: Are You a Hungry Leader?

A dear brother in Christ, and founder of Sermon Index, Greg Gordon (Facebook), posted this today and I feel it necessary to re-post and share with all. Greg hits the nail directly on the head, yet with humility and truth. You might find this post to be in total contradiction to the way we do …

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Grace Upon Grace: A Story of May Eighteenth

Grace Upon Grace  Story of May Eighteenth  Download a FREE eBook (PDF) here: Grace Upon Grace Order book Amazon May the Lord be glorified, my wife be honored and my kids grow in the true grace of God. As special thank you, to my wonderful wife Trish – Your love, patience and endurance for me is …

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Relying Upon The Bible’s Testimony

"Every word proves true..." Proverbs 30:5 As the new year is rapidly approaching, people often tend to make new commitments and resolutions. There is just something about starting anew that gives us a sense of having a clean slate. I would like to challenge us all and see how we really believe concerning the Bible's …

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October Special Reminder – Caloca Bible Rebinds

Hello there everyone. Just wanted to remind you that we are only 1 day away from beginning our October Caloca Bible Rebinds Special. We are teaming up with Christian author Jeremy Strang. Learn mor… Source: October Special Reminder – Caloca Bible Rebinds