The Mirror of Media

Christian, does your Facebook page (all media) resemble the loveliness of Christ? Or has it become a show case of your sin and boastings of the flesh? Has your page become the place of mere pointing out the sins of this world, a world powerless to repent void of God’s Spirit? Or do you frame …

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Resolve. Without a doubt, especially as the days grow so ever darker, we, especially us men, need a holy and right resolve unto godliness. Recently, the Scripture passage below has been exceptionally convicting and challenging for me. I pray that these words will stick firmly in the mind and grip the depths of our innermost …

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Helps for the new and young Christian

Welcome to another new year and another new season in history as another new president has come into office in the United States. As this year begins, many changes are happening in our family as well. I have recently accepted a new position in Wisconsin and will be moving in the next few weeks. The …

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Walk with God

Walk with God Have you ever thought about just how "Enoch walked with God"? Or how Abraham "believed God"? Or how David "was a man after God's own heart"? Or what about what Isaiah saw, Jeremiah felt, Daniel experienced, Paul went through, the love John felt, Peter being forgiven? What about the woman at the …

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Ever Thought About… Aligned: Podcast of a Christian, husband, father and author.

Aligned Oct. 15, 2016 - Aligned Podcast: Jeremy Strang begins his first podcast by posing the question, "ever thought about...?" Music: Shane and Shane - "Without Jesus" Aligned: Podcast & Messages of a Christian, husband, father and author. Listen to all of Jeremy's podcasts. The goal with the podcast is to glorify God by focusing on …

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Review of Caloca Bible Rebinds

“Hands down, Diego Caloca is one of the men in the world today at such a young age that I have great respect for. Instead of sitting around serving himself in a world of entertainment and acting like a mere boy, Diego has set out on a humble, yet noble task, of learning the trade of fine leather book/Bible rebinds. Instead of playing the fool of narcissistic ease, he is helping others without breaking their wallet.” ~Jeremy B. Strang, Christian. Husband. Father. Author.

Authentically Casting Our Vision Upon Christ Through Grace

Last Sunday I was privileged to preach at Grace Fellowship-Amboy. You can listen to the message below. Starts just after the introduction. PDF of the outline coming soon. May the Lord use these feeble words to His glory and for the edification of all who listen.   Authentically Casting Our Vision Upon Christ Through Grace …

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Realities of a True Christian – FREE download

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