The Modern Church and Repentance

I want to introduce to you all a new book by a good brother and friend in the Lord, Billy Witt of This dear brother has a burden that is true, humble and deep for everyone who professes to be a Christian to see the deeper truths of Scripture, and more importantly, a right …

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Hebrews Two

Hebrews Interactive Online Bible Study Hebrews Two ~ 13 day walk through Hebrews ~ ~ for the edification of the bride of Christ and centering on Him in these last days ~ (*rules of engagement) Welcome: Welcome to the online Hebrews Bible study. We welcome anyone who wishes to engage with us during these thirteen …

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Marriage – Before Christ; After Christ.

Marriage - Before Christ; After Christ. I personally know this brother and sister. They are humble and wonderful servants to the church. This video testimony is a real blessing and should be heeded, especially by those in "church leadership." You can follow Billy's blog at: and connect with him via facebook here.