When Fear Grips The Heart: Introduction

There is no doubt fear is grasping millions upon millions around the world today. And regardless of what has triggered this fear, whether it stems from mass hysteria and media frenzies, or localized personal traumas and multitudes of anxieties, one thing is for certain, fear is gripping people where they live and millions do not know how to rid this beast. This powerful vice has people both inside and outside of the professing church spiritually paralyzed and often running wild.

Thoughts for Young Men

With so many men's books on the market, of which I have also contributed (As Christ: A Man and Marriage), this one seems to stand out to me as one of the most powerful. If there was one men's book I wish I had been given many years ago, it would be this very book, …

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Christian eBooks for FREE by author Jeremy B. Strang

I am giving away several of my most recent writings via eBook. Simply sign up to follow my page and I will send you a link to my FREE downloads. I am giving away: Grace Upon Grace Realities of a True Christian Reveling or Resisting Stay In The Boat As Christ: A Man and Marriage …

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Help and Receive: Bibles

Help and Receive For the next 40 days all of the proceeds of my last three books will go to benefit brothers and sisters around the world who need a Bible. Purchase either, The Foothills of True Grace / As Christ: A Man and Marriage / Reveling or Resisting to help those in need. You can view …

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The Beast, the Book, and the Beauty of the Lamb

“The Beast, the Book, and the Beauty of the Lamb” "If your name is in the Book (Lamb's Book), your calling is not to stay alive, but stay in love." “Do not be intimidated by brilliant people on your campus who do not know what the central purpose of the universe is and are living …

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Realities of a True Christian – FREE download

Download a FREE pdf copy of Jeremy B. Strang's book, Realities of a True Christian. Learn more about the book here and read some of the customer reviews here. You also order a copy either in paperback or hardback on Amazon. Download Realities of a True Christian below.   See more of Jeremy's books here or click below.

Introduction to “As Christ: A Man and Marriage”

Intro It is through Jesus Christ that we may know the mystery of His will.[1] His will was set forth in Christ as a plan to unite all things in Him.[2] His will has been clearly revealed to His children and executed through the loving of their wives and the loving of the brethren. Whoever …

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Men, where shall we go?

Men, where shall we go? Is marriage sometimes difficult - well of course. Most often I find that I am the chief cause of strife. My heart is so deceitfully wicked (Jer. 9:17) and all too often longs to reside in the flesh (Jer. 9:5). I can say with the Apostle Paul, "wretched man I …

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