Grace Upon Grace: A Story of May Eighteenth

Grace Upon Grace  Story of May Eighteenth  Download a FREE eBook (PDF) here: Grace Upon Grace Order book Amazon May the Lord be glorified, my wife be honored and my kids grow in the true grace of God. As special thank you, to my wonderful wife Trish – Your love, patience and endurance for me is …

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Living Out Conversion Amidst the Valleys

I was given a tremendous privilege to write a chapter for a good friend's new book. Below is what came together. I pray that it will edify the church of Christ and lead many people forward in their walk, in the ministry and unto a life fully devoted to Christ and reaching the lost. Almost …

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Christ Came For This Reason

Often we forget, or for many who have never learned, that Jesus Christ came, bringing salvation and a powerful grace, crying out some of His last words on the cross, "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?" (Matthew 27:48) When He cried out these words, He must have snapped the attention of every religious person in the crowd …

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Marriage – Before Christ; After Christ.

Marriage - Before Christ; After Christ. I personally know this brother and sister. They are humble and wonderful servants to the church. This video testimony is a real blessing and should be heeded, especially by those in "church leadership." You can follow Billy's blog at: and connect with him via facebook here.